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General Discussion / Re: Introduction and my misc items
« Last post by tshark on Today at 09:32:49 AM »
Have you ever clicked on a thread with a subject that you're interested in, hoping for more info, only to realoze that it's a thread you started, specifically to obtain that info?  I've done it 3 times, just on this forum.
General Fiero Discussion / Re: My Fiero - The Lead Sled
« Last post by tshark on Today at 09:28:09 AM »
Yes, I've PM'd him a bit on here.  I really like his STM scoop for the decklid. These scoops are from something else.  Not that he couldn't make them, but I like this style over the scoops I've seen on his site.  Of course, I'm only interested in this scoop if it does function to let air out from under the hood.
General Fiero Discussion / Re: My Fiero - The Lead Sled
« Last post by Fierofool on Today at 09:01:52 AM »
Vents can be installed far enough forward that you don't need to cut through the front bulkhead.  Expanded metal mesh can keep most debris out.  Even with water running into the vents when parked, I believe it misses everything that's important.  A single vent might dump it on the fan motor, so a dual vent as you show would dump it onto the fan, either side of the motor. 

Tha Driver, Paul Angel, in Commerce, Ga., makes a variety of hood, fender, deck and side scoops.  You can contact him at
ImThaDriver "at" Yahoo.Com
General Discussion / Re: Anyone heard a good joke lately?
« Last post by tshark on Today at 08:39:50 AM »
The Wayside Chapel

An English schoolteacher was looking for a home in the country, where she would be teaching school. She asked the schoolmaster for a recommendation.  He made several recommendations, one of which they agreed would be perfect.   As she began to make final preparations for the move, the thought suddenly occured to her that she had not seen a Water Closet (toilet) in the pictures. She immediately wrote a note to the schoolmaster asking him if there was a "W.C." near the house.

The schoolmaster had no idea what a WC was, so he asked the parish priest about the meaning of the letters "W.C." and the only solution they could come up with for the letters was "Wayside Chapel". The schoolmaster then wrote the following note to the English lady:

Dear Madam: I take great comfort in informing you that a "W.C." is situated nine miles from the house in the corner of a beautiful grove of pine trees, surrounded by lovely grounds. It is capable of holding 229 people, and it is open on Sundays and Thursdays only. As there are a great many people expected during the summer months, I would suggest that you come early, although there is usually plenty of standing room. This is an unfortunate situation, particularly if you are in the habit of going regularly. You will no doubt be glad to hear that a good many bring their lunch and make a day of it, while others, who can't afford to go by car, arrive just in time. I would especially advise you to go on Thursdays when there is an organ accompaniest. The acoustics are excellent and even the most delicate sounds can be heared everywhere. It may interest you to know that my daughter was married in the "W.C." and it was there that she met her husband. I remember the rush there was for seats. There were ten people to a seat usually reserved for one, and it was wonderful to see the expression on their faces.

The newest attraction is a bell, donated by a wealthy resident of the district, which rings every time a person enters. A Bazaar is to be held to raise money for plush seat. My wife is rather delicate so she can't go regularly: it has been several weeks since she went last. Naturally it pains her not to be able to go more often. I shall be delighted to reserve the best seat for you, if you wish, where you will be seen by all. For the children there is a special time so that they will not disturb the elders.

Hoping to have been of some service to you, I remain,
Schoolmaster Joe
General Discussion / Re: January 2017 Ice Age
« Last post by tshark on Today at 08:16:38 AM »
Swimming at 16C?!  Brrrh!
General Discussion / Re: January 2017 Ice Age
« Last post by TopNotch on Today at 08:13:04 AM »
16 Celsius is about in the Low 70s F
16 C = 60.8 F
General Fiero Discussion / Re: My Fiero - The Lead Sled
« Last post by tshark on Today at 08:06:33 AM »
I'd like to do something like these hood vents with my hood, someday, but can this be done without compromising the seal in the front compartment?  Also, how about water/debris getting in there?  Of course, not deliberate, but leaves, pollen, everything.

General Discussion / Re: January 2017 Ice Age
« Last post by fiero128 on Today at 07:54:24 AM »
16 Celsius is about in the Low 70s F
every one is wearing T shirts and shorts
swimming in the Beach or pools
are you Jealous? ;D
General Fiero Discussion / Re: My Fiero - the Lead Sled
« Last post by tshark on March 24, 2017, 09:23:50 PM »
Where did you find that?  Cool!  How do I get my grubby paws on one too?!
Is it compatible with obd1 $24 or $88 or what? 
Inquiring minds want to know!

I forgot to mention that the DashScan II will probably run you a couple hundred.  I emailed Oliver about the 7730, but haven't heard back.
General Discussion / Re: What are the most worthwhile things...?
« Last post by tshark on March 24, 2017, 09:18:06 PM »
Following up on the relay discussion with my son, I got out the 500in1.  I was rather dissappointed it it, compared to a 160in1 I used many years ago.  I prefer to have all the diodes, resistors, and capacitors in place, then just do the wiring between things.  This one, you have to wire up everything on a breadboard.  It takes much longer to get results.  I may try to find a simpler kit.

Anyway, the kids got to wire up a chirping bird that responded to light (which worked), and a radio (which didn't).  Radios used to be my favorite thing to wire up.  AM radio was easiest.  We used a germanuim diode, which I thought was backwards.  We had sound, but just static.  No change in results with the diode swapped around or disconnected.  I don't know what was wrong.

The one thing this unit doesn't have is a relay.  It has lights, but they're all LEDs.

We discussed differences between doides, how to read the color bars on resistors, and how capacitors work.  I skipped the transistors, other than showing them the PNP vs NPN.
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